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Motivation and coordination

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures recently gave a talk at the 2017 Blockstack Summit about “Decentralization and the Knowledge Age.” He starts by talking about motivation and coordination. The state, he argues, is good at coordination, but not so good at motivation. The market, on… Read More

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The “R” word

Albert Wenger recently penned an interesting post about the “R” word. It’s about health insurance and why redistribution is a toxic word in U.S. politics, but also why much of what we do as a society – from public roads to insurance – is actually about… Read More

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Conversational investing

I’ve been spending my mornings this weekend, listening, watching, and reading things. I’m always reading to find content for this blog, but I’ve allocating more time to consumption this weekend. So you might be noticing a slightly different varietal of posts over the past few days.… Read More