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Keeping our momentum

This morning Kevin Marshall tweeted me a link to a blog post by Andy Weissman (partner at Union Square Ventures in New York). The post is about how small things matter—even small words. He starts by talking about a new sidewalk extension and curb cut… Read More

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I was watching this fireside chat with Fred Wilson the other day and he brought up something that I thought was pretty neat: 1 slide pitches.

It got me thinking. What’s the most important slide in the Dirt pitch deck? Could one of them stand on its own?

Well here it is. Dirt’s 1 slide pitch.

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Single User Utility In A Social System

One of the most important lessons we took from delicious was the value of single user utility in social systems. It might seem odd that systems designed to leverage interactions between people can have (should have?) single person utility. But I strongly believe they should.

Single User Utility In A Social System