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Google and Facebook show

This morning Fred Wilson posted this chart on his blog: What is clear is that when it comes to US digital ad revenue, it’s the Google and Facebook show, followed by everyone else. Microsoft/LinkedIn is a distant third. Fred calls it “the digital advertising duopoly.” And… Read More

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Self-parking cars

I recently tested out BMW’s self-parking feature. I think it’s called parking assistant. But that doesn’t feel quite right, because it didn’t really assist. It actually did everything. As soon as you slow down and start driving past parked vehicles, the car automatically starts scanning… Read More

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Fall event roundup

It’s still sunny and beautiful outside, so I don’t mean to be the one who prematurely calls fall. But I would like to get 3 Toronto events on your radar for the coming two months.  Full disclosure: These are all events that I support and/or… Read More