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Hotel room as shop

Vipp is a 3rd generation family-owned Danish company that makes everything from kitchens and lighting to prefab homes. But it all started with a pedal-controlled waste bin that Holger Nielsen – a metalworker – crafted for his wife Marie’s salon in 1939. I love their design… Read More

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Oh boy bicycle house

A new “bicycle house” recently opened up in Malmö, Sweden. It is a 7 storey apartment building that has been designed entirely around the bicycle. It’s called Cykelhuset Ohboy. Bicycle house means: – There’s no parking for cars in the building. Apparently it’s the first building in Sweden… Read More

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Sixth facade

A new treehouse at the Treehotel in northern Sweden just opened up this week. (Their website wasn’t working at the time of writing this post.)  It was designed by the Oslo and New York-based Snøhetta. All 6 of the cabins at the Treehotel were designed by… Read More

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Housing tenure in Europe

Yesterday I came across an incredibly fascinating chart from Eurostat, analyzing housing tenure (in 2011) across Europe. Here it is: And here’s what I found interesting. Working from left to right, there seems to be a clear difference between Eastern and Western Europe in terms… Read More