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Shutdown and restart

Very few of us have a mental model for the macro conditions that we are living through right now. We have been through economic downturns, but most of us haven’t lived through a pandemic. I am an optimist and I know that we will get… Read More

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Video: New York 1911

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) recently restored and published a “documentary travelogue” of New York City from 1911.  It was originally filmed by a Swedish company, called Svenska Biografteatern, that went around the world filming noteworthy places such as Niagara Falls, Paris, Monte Carlo,… Read More

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Place is dead anyway

Aaron Renn has a few observations up on his blog from a recent trip to San Francisco. Number 2 is as follows: “A curiously low energy city.  It’s tough to judge any American city’s street energy after living in New York, but San Francisco felt basically dead.… Read More