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2.6 meters wide

The width of a standard parking space in Toronto is generally 2.6m. I say generally because it depends on a few other factors, such as whether it’s “obstructed” or whether it’s being accessed off a substandard drive aisle. But for the purposes of this post,… Read More

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Rethinking the tower

The Ryerson City Building Institute recently published a new report called, Rethinking the Tower: Innovations for Housing Attainability in Toronto. It looks at four possible approaches to improving housing attainability/affordability in the city: Micro Living: Well-designed micro units can offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional… Read More

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Going paperless

Last week I picked up an Epson document scanner with the hope of going paperless in my home office. I know I’m late to this party, but just hadn’t gotten around to researching and selecting the right machine. Manually filing papers is passé, time consuming, and… Read More