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Taller and skinnier

Tall buildings will sway in the wind. And when they get taller and skinnier, the swaying becomes more pronounced. In seismically active cities, such as Tokyo and Taipei, “tuned mass dampeners” are often used near the top of tall buildings to offset the swaying caused… Read More

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Rethinking the tall building

Back in February of this year (2015), Philip Oldfield, who is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Nottingham, gave the following talk at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Click here if you can’t see it below. If you’re interested in cities and how… Read More

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The story of two urban giants

This morning I stumbled upon an interesting documentary (via The Urbanophile) about two New York skyscrapers that were built in the 1930s as telecommunications buildings: the Western Union Building and the AT&T Long Lines Building. It’s fascinating to see how they have evolved along with… Read More