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Preserving place

I was recently asked: How do you go into a neighborhood, build new, and not erase and/or sterilize what makes that neighborhood interesting in the first place?  Gentrification is a controversial topic in city building. Too often I think we ignore what happens when we… Read More

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Streetcars are just a tool

Earlier this month the Toronto Star published an article talking about the resurgence of streetcars in American cities. According to the Star, 89 cities in the US are currently implementing or at least considering building some form of surface-rail system. But the article also goes… Read More

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What’s a bean worth?

Yesterday I tweeted this picture out from Chicago: I love this big bean. What do you think the ROI is on this piece of public art? — Brandon G. Donnelly (@donnelly_b) August 16, 2014 // Many of you, I’m sure, have seen this public… Read More