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The paperless developer

I’m working on integrating an iPad (back) into my workflow as a developer. I used an iPad 2 (c. 2011) while I was completing my MBA. I mainly used it for taking notes and saving money on hard copy textbooks. But after it got old and painfully… Read More

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Move fast and…

I like this article – called Speed as a Habit – by Dave Girouard, CEO of the personal finance startup Upstart. It’s all about the importance of speed in business. Speed wins. “When you think about it, all business activity really comes down to two… Read More

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I love work

I spent this morning drafting the third post in my BARED blog series. First one, here. Second one, here. If any of you would like to be featured next, or know of someone who you think should be featured next, please send me an email… Read More