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People stay the same

Andrew Chen recently delivered a keynote at StartCon in Australia called: What’s Next in Growth? You can find his entire talk, here, on his blog.  One of the themes of his talk is that, “technology changes, but people stay the same.” I like that. See above. But… Read More

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Mapping of global migration

Max Galka has created an incredible visualization of country-to-country net migration (from 2010 to 2015) on his blog, Metrocosm. Here’s a screenshot: But you really need to view the full screen interactive version.  In that version, you can hover over a country to see the… Read More

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It’s all about people

Yesterday evening I met up with a talented Toronto-based technology entrepreneur who also happens to be passionate about cities. The conversation meandered between both worlds, but we ended up coming back to one central theme: It’s all about people. Facebook didn’t just buy WhatsApp for… Read More