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Cities are labor markets

Eduardo Porter recently published this piece in the New York Times on the “relentless economic decline” of small-town rural America. We often talk about rising income inequality, but the greater concern is the alarming rate of joblessness in many of these communities. Earning less than others… Read More

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Your own signpost

Work Market is an “on-demand talent marketplace.” They connect companies who need work done with skilled freelancers who are looking to do work. Conceptually, we’ve seen this before. But this morning, as I was reading this interview with the CEO, the following lines got me thinking:… Read More

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The rise of tech outposts

What happens when wages and real estate prices become too high in a city? Companies start growing in lower cost locations. We’ve all seen this before.  Fred Wilson recently blogged about this “spillover effect”, citing a New York Times article talking about the growth of tech offices… Read More