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Attract and extract

Chris Dixon’s recent piece on why decentralization matters is currently making the rounds online. It clearly explains the first two eras of the internet and how the third era is developing as we speak. Cue decentralized cryptonetworks. I particularly like how he describes the relationship that… Read More

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Fun Friday: Saltz, Zurich

Earlier this month a new restaurant – called Saltz – opened up in Zurich’s historic Dolder Grand Hotel. (The building was originally built in the late 19th century, but an extension was added in 2008 by architecture firm Foster + Partners.)  Designed by artist Rolf… Read More

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Firm Profile: ASH NYC

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a young real estate company out of New York called ASH NYC (the founders are around 30).  But in reality, calling them just a real estate company is an oversimplification. They’re actually a vertically integrated firm that… Read More