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Focusing on fundamentals

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, I was living in the United States. At that time I remember developers and other people saying that it was going to take at least 20 years before the country would build another commercial office building. It felt… Read More

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Urban vs. suburban home prices

Aaron Terrazas, who is a Senior Economist at Zillow, recently gave this presentation about the US and Virginia Beach housing markets. (I discovered it through City Observatory.) There are a bunch of interesting graphs/stats in the presentation. Home values in Virginia Beach, for example, have… Read More

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Depression babies

Recently I’ve been seeing a number of posts/articles talking about the dot-com bubble. It seems to be driven by talk of a pending crypto bubble.  Whatever the case may be, the recounts are interesting. In this one by venture capitalist Fred Wilson, he talks about… Read More