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Depression babies

Recently I’ve been seeing a number of posts/articles talking about the dot-com bubble. It seems to be driven by talk of a pending crypto bubble.  Whatever the case may be, the recounts are interesting. In this one by venture capitalist Fred Wilson, he talks about… Read More

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What are bubbles?

Social Capital (Silicon Valley VC firm) recently published an interesting series on (economic) bubbles: what they are, how they form, when they are useful, and so on. It’s worth a read – you can start here. Here’s a taste: “Prices in markets turn out to have two roles:… Read More

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Should we love bubbles?

There’s no shortage of talk about a Canadian housing bubble: In Vancouver, the price of a single-family home (as of June of this year) increased 39% to C$1.6 million from the year prior. Does that constitute bubble territory? In an effort to stop prices from… Read More