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Good vibrations

There are 614,387 bridges in the United States and 55,707 of them are thought to be structurally deficient according to the US Department of Transportation (2016). About 188 million people cross “a deficient bridge” every day in the US (also a 2016 figure). Inspections are… Read More

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When the crowd builds a city

I’ve been following and checking out Kickstarter pretty much since the beginning. But it wasn’t until last night that I backed my first project.  After doing that, I immediately started thinking about urban projects that might be able to also get crowdfunded using Kickstarter. How… Read More

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One of the things that makes cities so exciting is the fact that they’re always changing. New restaurants open up. New buildings are built. Old buildings (with no heritage value, of course) are demolished. Bike lanes are added. New infill homes pop up in quiet… Read More