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A language map of Toronto

This is a language map of Toronto showing the most commonly spoken non-official languages at home. (It only counts individuals who reported speaking a single non-official language most commonly at home, as opposed to multiple ones.) The map you see below is based on 2016… Read More

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Lo Mein Loophole

Maria Godoy of NPR recently published an interesting piece called Lo Mein Loophole: How U.S. Immigration Law Fueled A Chinese Restaurant Boom. The article starts by talking about how rising anti-Chinese sentiment in the late 19th and early 20th century eventually lead to the U.S.… Read More

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Fun Friday: Your ancestry

People often ask me about “my background”. When I’m feeling cheeky, I usually just say that I’m Canadian or that I was born in Toronto (because that’s what I culturally self-identify with). But that’s not what most people want to hear. The short answer I… Read More