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Traffic signal inequality

David Levinson, who is based Sydney and authors the Transportist – a blog you should follow if you don’t – has a recent post up about signalling inequity and “how traffic signals distribute time to favour the car and delay the pedestrian.” In it he provides… Read More

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Autonomy, sometimes

Benedict Evans raises a number of good points and asks a bunch of good questions about the “steps to autonomy” in his recent blog post. Right now we’re all talking about autonomous vehicles in terms of their level of autonomy – namely 1 through 5. L1… Read More

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Self-parking cars

I recently tested out BMW’s self-parking feature. I think it’s called parking assistant. But that doesn’t feel quite right, because it didn’t really assist. It actually did everything. As soon as you slow down and start driving past parked vehicles, the car automatically starts scanning… Read More