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Impostor cities

Canadian cities are well known in the world of film for their ability to stand-in for other global cities. They rarely play themselves, which actually pisses me off. Because I take it as a sign that we’re not doing nearly enough to make Canadian cities… Read More

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A circular spaceship in Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a building along its waterfront that, I am told, is affectionately referred to as the “spaceship.” Designed by the award-winning architecture practice, 5468796, the spaceship is a 41-unit circular condominium building that is raised up on 35 foot stilts in order to fabricate… Read More

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Thom’s Trent

This afternoon I walked Trent University’s campus with my father on our way back from the cottage. It is embarrassing that it has taken this long. Trent University straddles the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario. It admitted its first students in 1964 and by the… Read More