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Empire and ego

This morning I stumbled upon an old New York Times article from August 7, 1983 called: The Empire and Ego of Donald Trump. Here’s an excerpt you might find interesting: The essence of entrepreneurial capitalism, real estate is a business with a tradition of high-rolling… Read More

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Barcelona’s new superblocks

Barcelona is in the midst of dramatically rethinking its urban fabric to address issues around urban mobility and climate change. Initially laid out in this 2014 Urban Mobility Plan for Barcelona, the city is now implementing something it calls superilles (or superblocks in English). Here’s… Read More

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Trust & attention

Over the weekend I received a marketing email from a real estate company advertising their new mobile app. I didn’t download it. Nowadays, every company and brand seems to have a mobile app. If you don’t already have one for your organization, I bet many… Read More