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The 100 million city

The Guardian recently published this reminder that the real population growth in the world today is happening in Asia and Africa. The article is called, “The 100 million city: is 21st century urbanisation out of control?” Much of the data is from this 2016 paper… Read More

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The world in 2050

The United Nations recently released its 2015 version of World Population Prospects. It looks as if they put out and revise this report every 5 years. The Economist then took some of their data and assembled it into the following charts: It’s obviously extremely difficult… Read More

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Back in 2004, I spent a summer living in Asia. And one of the things that I remember really standing out for me was Hong Kong’s Octopus card. It’s a refillable card that you just tap to get onto transit. Lots of cities have them.… Read More