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Toward more family condos

The Ryerson City Building Institute and Urbanation recently published a terrific report called: Bedrooms in the Sky. Is Toronto Building the Right Condo Supply?  Here is a quick synopsis: The 35-44 year old age bracket in this city will see significant growth over the next… Read More

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The Hong Kong window ledge

My friends at the architecture practice Valente Rodgers told me something fascinating about the Hong Kong real estate market last night. Both partners worked as architects in Hong Kong for a number of years. In Hong Kong, you’re allowed to deduct certain projecting windows from… Read More

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One becomes four

The New York Times posted an interesting article today talking about how roommates in the city are dividing and conquering expensive rentals using temporary walls. This is obviously not a new practice. But it’s a good case study in what people will do in order… Read More