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Canada’s 1%

The Globe and Mail recently published an article about Canada’s highest paid workers. It uses census data spanning 2005 to 2015. There’s a feature that allows you to enter your before tax income, your location, and your gender to see how you compare to “the 1… Read More

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Cities and mountains

Having just spent the weekend in Calgary and Banff, I’ve been thinking a lot about importance of picking the right city in which to live. I’m not saying that I don’t love Toronto. Because I do. But I am incredibly envious of cities – like… Read More

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GoPro city tours

This past week was Toronto’s first real snowstorm of the season. It was awesome. I love snow. And part of the reason I love it, is because it means snowboarding season is here. Yes, the “mountains” in Ontario suck, but Quebec and Vermont aren’t too… Read More