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Uninterrupted flow

Adam Grant’s recent NY Times article about languishing — the psychological middle state that exists somewhere in between depressed and flourishing — has been making the rounds online. Perhaps it is because COVID sucks and many of us can relate. Either way, three points in… Read More

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Writing every day

I often get asked about my daily routine and how I manage to write, every, single, day. Oftentimes people will say that I must not sleep. But the reality is that I love sleeping and I generally need a lot of it. I’m not someone… Read More

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Come original

I am thinking about nonconformity and originality this morning because I just ordered a book by Wharton professor Adam Grant called, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. I ordered it along with another book that was recommended by a regular reader of this blog. (Thanks Daniel.)… Read More