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A new chapter

St. Lawrence by Ralph Sobanski on 500px I have an announcement to make on Architect This City today. Next week I’m joining the development team at CAPREIT (TSE: CAR.UN) here in Toronto. CAPREIT is one of Canada’s largest residential landlords. They are a growth-oriented real estate… Read More

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The value of cheap housing

Houston Sunrise by Cliff Baise on 500px Urbanists generally don’t like to talk about cities like Houston. It sprawls. It’s car oriented. It’s over air-conditioned. In other words, it’s the antithesis of the dense and walkable cities that urbanists today like to tout as being… Read More

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Why Norway loves Tesla Motors

Norway imposes big levies on the sale of fuel burning vehicles. They can amount to more than 100% of the sale price—effectively doubling the price of a vehicle. It’s a supertax. Exempt from these taxes, however, are electric vehicles. This has not surprisingly made Elon Musk’s Tesla… Read More