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New web3 restaurant loyalty platform launches in NYC

I just learned about Blackbird’s technology platform and the restaurant loyalty program that they are currently building. On the surface, the way it works is that you walk into a restaurant and then tap your phone on one of their NFC-enabled chips (see above).

This then signals that you are/were there and so you earn loyalty points, kind of like a stamp on one of those cards in the food court. Except here, the idea is to create an endless and customizable array of wonderful customer experiences.

Maybe after 15 fifteen visits you’re now considered “fam” (decided by the restaurant), and so you get a designated table at the restaurant and your favorite dessert automatically sent to your home on your birthday. This is just one example.

At the same time, you also earn $FLY, which is the platform’s native crypto token (built on Base by Coinbase). And this to me is one of the most exciting aspects of the platform.

Because here is a crypto or web3 product that is seemingly really easy to use. In fact, nobody needs to know that it is doing things on a blockchain. Just tap your phone on the thingy. Earn stuff. And move on.

So I think it’s a really good example of where we’re headed in this space. The underlying technologies are going to recede into the background and all that we’ll see are useful products and services.

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