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The “job” of a McDonald’s milkshake

Management guru Clayton M. Christensen died this week. Sadly, he was only 67 (leukaemia). A professor at Harvard Business School, Christensen was best known for probably two things: His work on disruptive innovation and his teachings on how to live a more fulfilling life. If you’ve read anything on innovation and disruption, I am sure you’ve come across the work of Christensen. He had a way of explaining things by reframing them. Here is a short video about the “job” of a McDonald’s milkshake. And here is another one where he explains the cycle of disruptive innovations, sustaining innovations, and efficiency innovations. Both videos are worth watching.


  1. I am heartbroken about the loss of Clayton Christensen as it is truly a loss for all in leadership and management positions. His work was ground breaking and helped shape may thinking about strategy and innovation when I was a management consultant. His thinking was disruptive and I am sure will continue to do so posthous. Sad day for all that admired this and followed the work of this great thinker of our generation.


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