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The great balcony debate

I snapped this picture on College Street near Spadina Avenue (Toronto) yesterday: It’s a picture of “The College” by Tribute Communities. What you’re looking at is the northwest corner of the building and a 20,000 sf grocery store fronting onto College Street. I took a picture… Read More

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Motion Exposure

Photographer Stephen Orlando is obsessed with capturing “motion through time and space.” What he does is use long single exposures and LED lights (attached to people and objects) in order to reveal paths of movement. The results are stunning. He has done this with various… Read More

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Dashilar Platform

I am reading about the Dashilar Platform this evening. I am sure that some of you are already familiar with what’s happening in this Beijing neighborhood since the platform was founded in 2011. But I am just turning my attention to it. The Dashilar Platform… Read More

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! And, thank you all for reading this past year. I just checked into an Airbnb in Mont-Tremblant, Québec and will be spending the next few days here with family and friends. I’ve also brought along some of my favorite wines (see above) and,… Read More

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Site: Volume 6

Urban Capital just released Volume 6 of its annual publication called Site. (Sadly, I missed the party.) The cover, shown above, is a photo of Shayne Dark’s 90 foot public art installation at Tableau Condominiums. The piece is called NOVA and it’s located at the… Read More