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A tale of two cities

Yesterday my friend Darren Davis out of Auckland introduced me to a 3-part blog series that he recently did with Andreas Lindinger out of Vienna, which looked at pedestrian zones and shared spaces across these two cities. The first post looks at the redesign of… Read More

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Our fixation with height

Last summer a development application was submitted for a 57 storey mixed-use tower on the south end of Toronto’s historic Distillery District.  It’s the tower on the right hand side of the picture above. The 2 towers on the left are existing, although they’re quite… Read More

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Marginal cost = 0

Earlier this week I wrote a post called: The pull from services to products. And in it I made mention of the fact that part of what’s driving this pull towards products is that the marginal cost of servicing additional users or customers is almost… Read More