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Those evil bikes

I just stumbled upon an interesting piece in the Boston Globe (from last December) talking about how the bicycle is “emerging as a new conservative front in the culture wars.” It starts by talking about Toronto mayor Rob Ford and asks: Who elected this guy? Their… Read More

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Keeping our momentum

This morning Kevin Marshall tweeted me a link to a blog post by Andy Weissman (partner at Union Square Ventures in New York). The post is about how small things matter—even small words. He starts by talking about a new sidewalk extension and curb cut… Read More

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Housing tenure in Europe

Yesterday I came across an incredibly fascinating chart from Eurostat, analyzing housing tenure (in 2011) across Europe. Here it is: And here’s what I found interesting. Working from left to right, there seems to be a clear difference between Eastern and Western Europe in terms… Read More

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A culture of transparency

One of the things I think the real estate industry is notoriously bad for is transparency. It’s getting better, but we’re nowhere near as transparent as some other industries, such as tech. In tech, you get companies like San Francisco-based Everpix who fail and then release… Read More