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Balancing progress

Some buildings should be torn down. And others should not be. The challenge, sometimes, is figuring out which is which. But when a great building is torn down, I get upset.  I get upset because good architecture should represent the place and era in which… Read More

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Prospect Theory

I just read an interesting chapter from Tim Smith’s book, “Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures.” It’s Chapter 5: Psychological Influences on Price Sensitivity. The chapter covers a number of pricing phenomenons, such as why prices ending in .99… Read More

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Keeping a journal

When I was in grade school at the Toronto French School, I had an English teacher named Mr. Hoad (spelt correctly, I hope) who used to make us all keep a journal. We were supposed to write something in it everyday. No exceptions. It could… Read More