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Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way

The founders of Instagram, now multimillionaires after Facebook bought their app this week, were helped along the way by the tight web in the Bay Area tech scene.

Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way

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Insta-Rich: $1 Billion for Instagram

Valuation: $500 million last week; $1 billion this week.

Insta-Rich: $1 Billion for Instagram

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In Executive Pay, a Rich Game of Thrones

Although the growth in C.E.O. compensation slowed last year, the pay numbers are still eye-popping.

In Executive Pay, a Rich Game of Thrones

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House Hunting in …Mexico City

A large percentage of foreign homeowners in Mexico City are American; the city wasn’t badly shaken by the global economic downturn.

House Hunting in …Mexico City

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Toronto laneway house on Orphanage Mews

Globe and Mail article on a recently completed laneway house in Toronto by architect couple Christine Lolley and Tom Knezic of Solares Architecture.

Toronto laneway house on Orphanage Mews

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Twitter opening office in downtown Detroit

Twitter is opening an office in the Dan Gilbert-owned M@dison Building in downtown Detroit. Gilbert is a huge supporter of Detroit and is looking to establish “Webward Avenue” as the next Silicon Valley.

Twitter opening office in downtown Detroit

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Allur: Global Showroom for New Real Estate Developments

“Real estate developers and investors—not to mention real estate porn addicts such as myself—around the world will love the emergence of Allur, a new web startup. Based in Vancouver, Allur is a global online showroom for new real estate developments”

Allur: Global Showroom for New Real Estate Developments