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All lit up in the Junction!

Friday was a busy day at Junction House.

In the morning, we gave a hard hat tour to Toronto’s City Planning Division. They are currently revisiting the Mid-Rise Building Performance Standards, and so this was an opportunity to see what these standards translate to when you’re on site trying to actually build a mid-rise building.

It was great to see the group so highly engaged and looking for ways to improve the delivery of this housing typology. Thanks for taking the time to visit Junction House.

Then we had the “official lighting ceremony” for the placemaking art. And by official lighting ceremony, I mean that there were a handful of us playing around with a drone and trying to get cool pictures on our phones. However, did we have one actual videographer, so stay tuned for some proper video footage of the installation.

Finally, in the evening after sunset, we got to see it illuminated for the very first time. And it was everything we had hoped for! An idea turned into reality, many years later. Shout out to the Urban Toronto community for spotting one of our earlier prototypes online and then encouraging us to make some design changes. We are happy we listened.

But what do you all think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. johnbarnott

    It looks great- but what about daytime?
    A missed opportunity, too bad.


  2. T-Bone

    damn that really pops at night, long time coming for you Brandon, job well done.


  3. EllaCat

    It’s a landmark! 🍾 the pics are 😎 pls share the design suggestions Urban Toronto community made that you liked. 🙏

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