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Two-way, all-day regional rail

Neat B and I had a very good friend’s 40th birthday dinner in the Junction this evening.

So naturally, we walked over to the UP Express station from our offices in the Financial District and took the train one stop to Bloor Street. When we got off — along with everyone else who uses our airport link as a regional express train — we then walked the West Toronto Railpath up to the restaurant on Dupont Street. All in all, it took us about 35 minutes. We hopped on the 5:30PM train and we arrived at Lucia around 5:50PM.

I know that a lot of people use this particular train to get to and from work, but I’m always so happy whenever I do it. I will take this over being stuck in traffic every day of the week. And for me, it is a powerful reminder of just how critical “two-way, all-day regional rail service” is to this urban region. We can talk all we want about better traffic signals, ramping up enforcement, or whatever, but the real solution to solving traffic congestion is getting people moving in other ways.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a photo of the delicious pasta we had:

Happy birthday Philip!

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  1. desmondbliek

    Good reminder that airport transit links need to be about much more than the airport to be successful, and to be wary of proposals that focus only on the airport and not on other origins, destinations, and trip purposes.

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