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Don’t get me started

I cover a lot of different topics on this blog. It’s hard to write daily for a decade and not meander every now and then. But generally speaking, I do try and keep this forum focused on things that are related to city building — real estate, housing, design, transportation, etc. And I do try and share some of the things that I have learned (and the mistakes that I have made) since I started working in real estate development back in 2007.

But we all have limits, and different perspectives are vital for solving problems. So I’d really like to introduce more Q&A features on this blog, similar to this recent one that I did with structural engineer, James Cranford. If this sounds interesting to any of you, please reach out. I’m open to anyone who touches the built environment: architects, artists, planners (private or municipal), lenders, furniture designers, bollard manufactures … you name it!

Image: Jason Adam Katzenstein


  1. Greg

    How about a discussion about Property and Condo Management? As a PM we take over the built thing and continue the day to day environment that a community experiences.


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