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Skyscraper construction speed by city

Brian Potter, of Construction Physics, recently tried to determine which cities build skyscrapers the fastest.

Here’s how he went about that:

  • He started by looking up the 50 largest cities in the world on Wikipedia
  • He then pulled data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat to get a list of every skyscraper completed between 2000-2020 that was over 100 meters, had a start and completion date, and had a gross floor area
  • The result was a list of 986 skyscrapers completed in 39 cities, most of which (~740) were completed in the US, China, Japan, and Canada
  • Finally, he calculated completed square feet per year and made some charts

Here are the results:

And here’s one thing he had to say about them:

Interestingly enough, the huge outlier in slow construction isn’t the US, but Canada, with an average skyscraper construction speed of half that of the US’s.

For a lot more information on this topic, click here.

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  1. Paul

    Hi Brandon. I am confused. This item does not seem to be about speed of construction, but rather the rate of construction. And the item leaves me wondering: ‘so what?’. Surely the rate of sky scraper construction has to do with the size of the city and its economy? If a city is not building much in the way of sky scrapers, perhaps it is a small city that is not growing very quickly?


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