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Happy new year

We checked into a hotel in Montréal last night and I discovered this room service robot sitting next to the elevators. I have been told that if you ask it nicely, it will deliver champagne to your room. But I have yet to confirm this invaluable service.

Montréal is one of my all-time favorite cities. I have been coming here regularly since I was a teenager and I have always felt uniquely drawn to it. It is the history, the urban grandeur, and the way that it feels effortlessly sexy. Not many cities are like this.

So I’m happy to be ringing in the new year with family in this great city. Happy new year, everyone.


  1. Judith Martin

    The black and white images behind the robot look more as though you might have checked into Kyiv!

    And here at last I hope is the son-of-pacman thing we found in Avignon in the alarmingly hot summer, on a very appropriate street, based on the mosaic images you posted some time ago. When I tried to post it earlier I failed.

    Happy new year!




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