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Out of office

I have been fortunate to be able to travel a fair bit this year. But the vast majority of that travel has been me working remotely. In my mind, that means a few things: (1) I remain committed to staying on top of and clearing out my inbox each day; (2) I still take all meetings as if I were 100% in the office (which is my preferred way to work); and (3) I don’t put on an out-of-office reply. That’s the signal that you should expect a response. Today, however, is not one of those days. I just finished putting on my out-of-office reply and that is me capitulating against the looming email torrent.

On past vacations I have done things like turn this blog into more of a photoblog. I will probably do a bit of that, but my plan this time around is to concoct some combination of a photoblog, travel blog, and foreign city building blog. Travel is a great way to learn from other cities, and I will endeavor to share some of what I find in France and Sicily. (Sicily is in Italy, but not really, right?) Some of you seem to get a little grouchy when I stray from our regularly scheduled programming on this free and personal blog. So if this doesn’t sound all that appealing, you may want to check back in October.

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