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Influencers in the wild

Okay, so this is creepy, but perhaps not all that shocking:

What artist Dries Depoorter has done is the following:

  • He recorded videos from open cameras located in cities around the world (the one in the embedded tweet above is from Temple Bar in Dublin)
  • He scraped all Instagram photos tagged with the same general location
  • And then he used AI software to help compare the Instagram photos against behind-the-scenes footage of the photos actually being taken

I don’t have a problem with people posing and making numerous attempts to capture the right photo. You should see me before every meal and when I go to the gym. I think the creepy part is that many, or perhaps most, probably don’t realize just how ubiquitous video surveillance is within our cities. But the reality is that there are cameras everywhere.

I guess I’ll never be able to run for Prime Minister.

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