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Coolest boutique hotels in the world

Today’s post is a question for all of you: What would you say are the coolest and most remarkable boutique hotels in the world right now?

What is clear to me is that travel (and flexible work) will continue to be a growing market and that there is demand for a variety of different hospitality offerings.

Sometimes people might want to stay in an Airbnb (which is usually a property owned by an individual or individuals).

Sometimes people might want to stay in a branded and/or membership-based rental such as a Sonder or a Wander (which, in the case of Wander, is a collection of properties owned by the same company).

And sometimes people might want to stay in a tried-and-true hotel.

I think that all of these offerings serve different needs. And at the end of the day, I don’t believe that Airbnbs, or whatever permutation they take, will ever replace the best hotels. There are things you can get in a hotel that you can’t get elsewhere.

So today I am hoping to crowdsource some of the best examples from all of you. Thanks in advance for any ideas you might send over.


  1. Chris

    Relais & Châteaux, which isn’t a company per se but an association of independently owned luxury hotels, I’ve been to three and they are all gems, Langdon Hall, Auberge Saint-Antoine and the Wedgewood


  2. Rick Williams

    Fogo Island Inn.
    If you are lucky enough to get there and experience for yourself Zita Cobb’s “sense of place,” you will be richly rewarded.

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