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Renewable power now accounts for about 13% of global electricity generation

This is an interesting chart from Nathaniel Bullard over at Bloomberg Green. In 1985 (the start of this chart), coal-fired power was responsible for about 38% of global electricity generation. This particular stat hasn’t changed all that much since then — the current figure is around 36% — but renewables have gone from 0.8% to 13% of global electricity. That is something. Since 2010, renewables are adding about 0.8% market share each year, and presumably this rate will only increase going forward. (Here, renewable power is defined as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and small hydropower.)

Chart: Bloomberg Green

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  1. doug pollard

    it will be interesting to see if these ratios and this progress remain in the US after what the supreme court did yesterday


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