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Toronto housing market has slowed — do you care?

If you’ve been following the Toronto housing market and/or following any panicky resale agents/brokers on Twitter, you’ll know that things have shifted over the last few months. Here’s what broker (and my friend) Christopher Bibby had to say about the market in his most recent newsletter:

As anticipated, April has ended up being one of the defining months of the 2022 real estate market. With the recent fragility we are seeing, it is clear that the market peaked in February. In fact, the Toronto Real Estate Board, in its most recent Market Watch, claims that month-over-month prices could be down by 2.6%—which is very likely. TREB also indicated that the overall number of year-over-year transactions in March was down by approximately 30%. I deferred the release of this newsletter because weekend activity positively altered some of my previous commentary. The key takeaway, however, is that sentiment has shifted in our marketplace.

But let me paraphrase the conclusion of Bibby’s newsletter with two words: who cares? If you think that Toronto (or some other city) will remain an important global city by 2025, 2030, or even 2040, you really shouldn’t be fussed by what the market is doing over the span of a few months.

Moreover, I can tell you that my least favorite time to go out and buy real estate is when everyone else is submitting silly offers and clamoring to buy whatever they can find.

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