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How do you charge an electric vehicle if you park on-street?

Last year, about 10% of all new motor vehicles registered in Canada were some form of electric vehicle (battery, hybrid, or plug-in EV). But this number is rising. And even though we’re still early on in the adoption curve, you can live a pretty great life with an electric vehicle today.

The caveats are perhaps as follows: (1) it really helps to have some kind of garage or driveway (so you can install a dedicated charging station) and (2) depending on your lifestyle, you may encounter the occasional feeling of “range anxiety.”

I drive to the mountains to go snowboarding every winter and my sense is that we need to get far more serious about blanketing our most densely populated regions with charging stations.

But here’s another problem that came up this week in conversation: How do you charge your EV if your only option for parking is on-street?

Do you have to run a cable from your home across the sidewalk? And then what happens if the spot in front, or nearby, isn’t available? Is it really going to be feasible/desirable to have charging stations on the sidewalks of every residential street when EV penetration reaches the majority?

This is clearly a problem that will need to be solved, and I know that many people and cities are working on it as we speak. I don’t know how advanced this is, but Norway, for instance, is working on wireless charging roads that power up vehicles from below.

What other possible solutions have you seen out there?

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