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Playful parkades

This is perhaps the wrong post to be writing right now with gas prices where they are, but lately I’ve been thinking about parking garage designs. We have talked a lot about parking minimums and other related topics on this blog, but let’s put all of these aside for today and assume that parking garages are a thing that will continue to exist in our cities.

Generally speaking, parking garages are fairly utilitarian spaces. They store cars and they usually aren’t that nice. And in the case of public garages, they often smell like urine. But there are some extraordinary examples out there. Miami immediately comes to mind as a city with some pretty cool garages. I mean, when you have one designed by Herzog & de Meuron (1111 Lincoln Road) that is usually a pretty good indicator.

When I was there in January, we went walking one night through the Design District and we ended up on the roof of “Museum Garage” to take some photos and take in the views. Once we got there, we found people doing everything from eating dinner to filming TikTok videos. Great spaces attract people. It also helps when all of your parking is above-grade, which is the case in Miami.

Here is another example from Sydney (also pictured above). In this case, it’s a residential parking garage and Craig & Karl were hired to create a colorful geometric mural. Garages are a perfect place to be a bit more playful and have some fun. I think we should do more of this.

Photo via Craig & Karl

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