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Be a global citizen — my new NFT photography collection

I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember. But I got into it in earnest during undergrad while studying architecture. At that time, Toronto-based photographer Sam Javanrouh was in the early days of running his decade-long photoblog called daily dose of imagery. And I remember checking it religiously to see his captures of the city. This was a fairly novel medium for photos at the time. Instagram wouldn’t arrive for another 7 or so years. So I found it deeply inspiring.

So much so that I went over to Henry’s at the corner of Queen and Church, bought a refurbished Canon Rebel, and started capturing my own photos of Toronto — often at night after school. I’m positive that I’d be embarrassed if I ever pulled out those old photos from the archives, but regardless, photography more or less stuck with me as a hobby. It also formed an integral part of the design portfolio that I used to get into graduate architecture school. (My photos proved to be less useful for business school.)

I later moved onto shooting with Fujifilm cameras (currently a Fujifilm X-T3). And nowadays I mostly shoot when I’m traveling and have some free time. But two decades after buying that refurbed Rebel, I can’t help but feel like we are at yet another important turning point in the evolution of photography (and, of course, art more broadly). We now have tools and technologies that allow for the ownership of digital assets. (See non-fungible tokens.)

So I have decided to start minting and making my photography available for sale on Foundation. The first collection is called “Be a global citizen”, and the plan is to slowly add my photography from around the world to it. The floor price is currently set at 0.25 ETH. And all of the photos were taken on my Fujifilm X-T3. I hope you like it. To check out the collection, click here.

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