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Brand-specific vs. property-specific signage

Here is an example of retail signage on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. The interior signage (behind the glass above the doors) is specific to the brand Osklen (which is a great sustainable fashion company from Brazil). And the exterior soffit signage is specific to the property in that the same design and typeface is used for all of the retail tenants.

I think that this consistency creates a more elevated feel for the overall property, but the obvious downside is that the retailers don’t get to express their unique brands and identities in quite the same way. Still, I think the above approach is a pretty good compromise. What do you think?

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  1. TD Centre for decades had the same black background / white font for all their retail stores. Then over the last decade or so, that disappeared and the store signs were replaced with retail logo specific signage. I liked the uniformity for an iconic building. Made it different.


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