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A fixed transport link between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Here is a report that was just published looking at the feasibility of a fixed transport link between Great Britain and Northern Ireland across the Irish Sea. It is part of a study known as the Union Connectivity Review, but according to the report, this idea has been floating around since at least the middle of the 1800’s. This recent report claims to be the most rigorous of the bunch though.

What they discovered is that it would be — you guessed it — super expensive. Somewhere in the range of £209 billion for a tunnel crossing and £335 billion for a bridge crossing. And it would take some 30 years before something like this could be operational when you consider planning, design, construction, and the various legal processes that something like this would require.

So the recommendation was to stop and do nothing. But if any of you are curious about what it would take to build across the Irish Sea, here’s your chance.

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