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Innovation in real estate development

I am moderating a panel at the Toronto Real Estate Forum later this year (it’s on December 2 to be exact). The topic is innovation in development. There is a great panel of speakers (more info here) and the plan right now is to cover everything from new design and construction approaches to the rise of crypto and blockchains. Topics that are all near and dear to this blog.

But we are still in the early stages of planning and I haven’t yet figured out what the questions to the panel will be. So I thought it would be interesting to hear from all of you: What would you say are the most important topics to cover when it comes to innovation in development? What’s next for our industry, or what should be next for our industry?

If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below. That way everyone can see them. Supposedly this is one of the most asked for topics at the real estate forum, and so it’s clearly top of mind for many people.


  1. Anonymous

    RE: TREF- Are there new technologies that can be applied specifically to the general improvement for air filtration and air quality for mixed-use buildings in the case of 1) Another air-borne virus 2) People trapped for long-periods of time at home 3) Screening detection for building entryway


  2. doug pollard

    there is a steadily rising usage and development of generative design techniques and supportive software How is that working out? will it continue? what will be the results in terms of productivity and innovation
    what about AI usage (linked to generative design?
    there is also a resurgence in interest in modularization/off-site construction etc, now being refined and implemented by some startups under a vertically integrated umbrella of design for manufacture (DfMA). assembly and construction using the above techniques plus of course 3D printing, robotics, etc.
    will this continue to grow? will it speed up construction and lower costs while improving the “product”
    I guess CLT and high rise wood are no longer truly innovative but it would be interesting to see if there are many projects considering it in the GTA
    what about design for disassembly


  3. 3D printing, factory-built module construction (and the problems with delivering it on truckbeds designed to fit standard width road lanes), NIMBYism based on loss of view & having the effect of reducing affordable housing.


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