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Using Clubhouse to talk about real estate and proptech

Okay, Clubhouse is pretty awesome. I participated in my first discussion room — thanks to my friend Evgeny, who has been a vocal supporter of the platform — and I have now seen the light. The topic was real estate and PropTech. And we hope to do it again.

It feels a bit like Twitter to me, but obviously with audio and with greater controls and visibility in terms of who can participate inside of a discussion room.

It also makes perfect sense to me that Twitter is piloting their own version of Clubhouse called Spaces. That feels like a natural extension and something that needs to happen. Perhaps some of the moderation features will also make their way into the rest of Twitter.

As many of you already know, what makes Clubhouse unique is that the communication is free-flowing and impromptu. You are able to see what topics people are talking about and then jump in and out of those audio rooms, as well as invite people to join a discussion that you may be having.

All of this makes the communication feel like you’re at a party or in an open office. Over there you can see/hear that someone is talking about the “Pensky file.” If that’s interesting and/or relevant to you, you have the option of jumping into that conversation.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these features and behaviors translated over into workplace collaboration tools. I think it would be helpful to see what other discussions are taking place within a team or company.

Maybe if we made things a little more free flowing, we wouldn’t need so many damn Zoom meetings.

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