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Voi Cube — the first store in Switzerland without any employees

Swiss supermarket chain, Migros, has just launched what is being called the first store in Switzerland to not have any employees. The concept, called the Voi Cube, is a small container-like outparcel space that is open 24/7 and offers about 500 or so everyday items. You enter using their app, you grab what you need, and then you check yourself out. (Presumably the doors don’t open back up until you’ve paid.)

The concept is being positioned as a convenience add-on to its existing grocery store business. Swiss federal labor laws still prohibit retail staff from working on Sundays, and so this is a clever way for people to shop for essentials during that time. They just got rid of the labor component. It also begins to show just how flexible and adaptable grocery stores can be as the retail landscape continues to evolve.


  1. Branden .E

    The Voi cube, may leave people homeless and without money to help feed their families.


  2. Matthew Cardona

    this is great and cool how this works and the idea of making this is soo cool.


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