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Introducing Crosby Studios’ virtual shoppable showroom

One of my favorite interior design firms — Crosby Studios — has just launched a new home goods and accessories concept called Crosby Studios Home. The offerings are unmistakingly Harry Nuriev (the founder of Crosby Studios). It’s all about design, art, and fashion coming together. But what is also noteworthy is how the concept was launched using a virtual shoppable showroom. And the experience, which is pictured above, is shockingly good. You simply wander around this blue-floored apartment and click on whatever stuff you would like to add to your shopping cart. This isn’t the first virtual showroom experience, but as I was using it, I couldn’t help but think that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future. This and things like shoppable augmented reality.

Images: Crosby Studios Home

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